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Rainy day and Monday

No sensible mother would take her children to the beach on a rainy day in the middle of winter.  But I'm not sensible, it was the last day of the school holidays and we hadn't been on one single outside adventure.  Weeks of rain, head colds and work seemed to get in the way of heading outdoors for any fun stuff. We were going stir crazy.

At our wits end, today we made a run for the nearest beach, weather be damned!  Despite the cold rain, high tide and lots of debris washed up on the sand, nothing stopped my little Tasmanians getting thoroughly soaked and having a blast. There was the odd bit of sea glass to collect, and I found a piece of broken Willow pattern to add to my collection.   We took Spoon along too, who barked at the waves and ran along the shore, diving in for the odd swim or to roll in something smelly.

Fresh sea air and exercise, followed by a warm bath and hot chocolate, a winning combination to shoo away any lingering school holiday boredom.  Surely any sensible mother would agree.


  1. I agree - wholeheartedly! And Elsa looks SO much like you in that first shot. She's beautiful x

  2. Best school holidays we had was this time last year. A whole day spent with 9 boys and 1 girl at the Salmon ponds in New Norfolk. Rained all day and the kids had the best time ever!

  3. I totally agree Michelle...some times the best way to tackle bad weather is to just get out in it! Looks like a lovely adventure x

  4. Sometimes the only way to tackle stir crazy is to add a bit of crazy!:) Looks like a great way to spend the last day of school holidays. We headed to the mountains this weekend, despite the rainy weather, and toured the Maleny Dairy.

  5. Totally agree Michelle! It was the same here today, cabin fever almost got the better of us but the creek flowed! Best fun ever. Elsa is suddenly looking so grown up! I love the beach in Winter - your photos are gorgeous :-) Mel x

  6. I think Australian beaches are best in winter anyway! The sun's rays are gentle and the distant summer's harsh light and heat mean that I relax so much more at this time of year. And so do my boys! x

  7. I'm not sensible either.
    And i wholeheartedly agree.

  8. I absolutely agree...this sounds so much better than any beach day in the middle of the summer. It looks perfect.

    My husband and I were just discussing last night how much I want to visit Tasmania. I've showed him your photos before and he agrees that you make it look and sound so beautiful there.

    xo Sarah

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    1. YOU totally are awesome Reannon! x

  10. Very sensible and it looks a wonderful day. As children we only went to the beach in winter because our parents were too busy with harvest in the summer and so all our "holiday" photos are of us on the beach in coats and boots.

  11. Yes sometimes you just to rug up and get outside in the fresh air.

  12. Sometimes you just need to say yes when you would normally say no. I must remember this more often.
    We have planned our first family holiday to Tasmania in October. Counting down. X