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Midsummer moments

I wish I had taken more photos the last few days.  So many moments I would like to remember during these long warm days.   Days filled with sunshine that wake you you up too early and keep you up way too late.  Moments with family and friends, time spent in the garden, and eating plenty of delicious food.

I did take my camera on an evening walk past picturesque paddocks that were filled with freshly cut hay. And even though the air made me sneeze, it still felt pretty magical. Golden bales all in row in the meadow.

It's those golden evenings I love the best.   Where you stay outside and don't even think about dinner until 9pm. Lucky there's leftovers in the fridge. But sadly no more cherry pavlova. I'm afraid that didn't last past boxing day.

I hope you there a plenty of special moments in your days.


  1. I am drooling over that cherry pavlova - sadly we had no leftover desserts after Christmas Day at our place.

  2. That is it Michelle...2014 is going to be my year to master the pavlova! I am seeing them everywhere on blogs and yours looks particularly delicious. Happy summer days to you :)

  3. The evenings really are stunning at this time of year.
    Cherry pavlova looks amazing, I understand why it didn't last long.

  4. Oh my goodness, that pav! And that sunshine! You've described it all perfectly - I love your photos too! xx

  5. Your Pav looks divine. No photos here, to distracted with a daughters surgery after wisdom teeth removal. Kicking myself now though. Your photos say it all. Rae xxx

  6. That pavlova looks delicious! Beautiful photos, making me wish for summer, I love long evenings outside in the warm.

  7. It's hard to believe you're enjoying golden summer evenings and the temps here are well below freezing! I can hardly wait for a warm summer day. Hope you are enjoying yours. ♥

  8. That was a truly awesome pav!

  9. I made a brown sugar pavlova for my book club this month. A luscious mound of crunch, chew, cream, mango and berries. Thankfully, some of it came home and my husband and I had some for breakfast. I collect egg whites in the freezer for this very reason. xxx

    1. I love leftover pavlova for breakfast - brings back good childhood memories of beating aunts to the refrigerator on Boxing day morning.

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