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The year of the cat

It seems, chickens aside, that we haven't had much luck in the pet department.  Losing both our dogs after only a year or two in our family.  Enter Twiggy, a little stray kitten that appeared one day at the Apple Shed.  At first thoughts were that she could be the Apple Shed Cat, but after setting off the alarm at night,  we thought she might need a more domestic situation.

Skinny and like a twig when she arrived, here she is now, settled into our home, putting on weight and quickly forgetting her wild feral roots to become a spoilt and much cuddled moggy.   The children adore her.  I do too, and even Leo, no fancier of cats in the past, has taken to her funny antics.

2014 for us, is set to be the year of the cat, and hopefully Miss twiggy will be around for many years to come.

Happy New Year dear friends, I wish you a bright year filled with love, health and happiness.   xx


  1. Oh my she is so cute. Cats bring such joy and I'm sure in your home she will be very much loved. Our cats get along fine with the chooks free-ranging in the back yard too, in fact the chooks are the boss if anything.
    Welcome to the Hugo & Elsa family little Twiggy; and wishing you all a wonderful 2014.

  2. Love cats, yours looks like a fantastic bundle of mischief. Rae xxx

  3. I never thought I liked cats until my boy asked for one last year. Now we all love her!
    All the very best in 2014 Michelle, I hope it's full of all the great things xxx

  4. Oh that face! Too sweet! The year of the cat - I like the sound of that (so does my Jenkins!) Happy New Year to you Michelle, hope 2014 is awesome xx

  5. She's sweet, what a special Christmas gift. Happy New year to you and your family, we wish you well xx

  6. She is rather cute. My cat is a long haired version of this, she is now 17 years old.Fingers crossed that Twiggy has a long and fruitful life with your family.

  7. So cute, I'm glad she has found a home with you.