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busy doing nothing

There is something so special about swapping ceiling lights for stars.  Falling asleep to the crash of the ocean and whoosh of the wind blowing through the trees.   Makes me wonder why we don't do it more often.   Now we are home, after five glorious days of camping by the seashore with happy, grubby children, I always feel a little wistful on returning that we don't actually live in a humpy by the sea.

There is always good cheese on trips to Bruny, and a friend who provides his home made bacon, because let's be honest, no meal on a camping trip is complete without bacon.

Days were spent with good friends drinking good coffee, fishing, swimming and cooking smokey feasts over a campfire, along with plenty of doing nothing of course.

Just staring out at the sea, cares melting away, and wondering how exactly I could wrangle a life in a humpy.  Or at least maybe start up a crab shack. Only open on Sundays of course.  I'd be too busy doing nothing on the other days.


  1. Just the word humpy sounds so cool .... looks like a beautiful trip. Kellie xx

  2. Gorgeous as always Michelle...camping is wonderful therapy isn't it? I love those empty beaches and the bacon and eggs. I fancy a humpy too. Ever since we visited King Island I have dreamt of a little humpy by the sea, selling sourdough on the weekends. Day dreaming is a wonderful thing! x

    1. thanks Jane! That's I'll need a baker on Sundays for my crab shack!

  3. Now, I like the sound of a Sunday Crab Shack! x

  4. Sounds perfect! I can almost smell the bacon. Unfortunately I didn't get to try any cheeses on Bruny because of boring dairy intolerance. I love seeing all your eggs frying in that great skillet.

  5. oh how these ceiling lights are exhausting on my eyes. i crave stars and eggs from the fire. beautiful michelle. i haven't visited your blog in a while and missed it. xx

  6. ah your days are sounding just dreamy.

  7. absolutely head over heels in love with your photos.
    each and every one! take me with you!!!!

  8. I could live the rest of my hours as a human simply staring out to sea.... ♥♥♥♥