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Slow Living, A Practical Workshop

You know when you discover a blog that really resonates with you, and you lose yourself for hours going back and reading all the past posts, breathing in all the words and pictures?

That's exactly what happened when I first found Local Milk - A Cast Iron Skillet and a Camera. Its creator, Beth Kirby has a wonderful eye for creating the most breathtaking photos, cooks the most delicious recipes and writes like an angel.  A winning combination. It was through Local Milk that I found Rebekka Searle of Camellia Fiber Company, and immediately wanted to hang out and eat something tasty in her backyard or forage in the woods for treasures. Such is the warm, welcoming style of her blog.

When I heard the news that these two were teaming up with my good friend Luisa Brimble to bring a couple of workshops to Australia, well, I was thrilled beyond measure.

In Beth's words " I have a thing I like to say, a reminder to myself: to create good content, you have to live good content.  And that concept is what I'm teaming up with Rebekka Searle of Camellia Fiber Co. and photographer Luisa Brimble to teach in Australia this coming September.    Slow Living, A Practical Workshop: Creating Content through Food, Florals, Photography & Textiles is designed to both enrich students through practical skills such as natural dying and baking while also strengthening photography and styling skills and giving you the information you need to both create and get your work out there"

You can read the details about the workshops here - and book tickets here.   These pictures taken by Beth and Luisa give you an idea of the experience and mood of the workshops.  Two special days spent with three talented teachers learning the skills to create content through food, florals, photography and textiles.   I've been given a ticket to a workshop and can hardly wait.  Maybe I'll see you there.


  1. Thank you for the blog tip, following Local Milk now too- such pretty photos.

  2. Oh my gosh Michelle these workshops sound amazing. Lucky you getting to attend. x

  3. Yay, Michelle! So excited that you'll be attending, and I can't wait to meet you!!! :)

  4. Oh Michelle I would absolutely love to attend this, a little out of my family budget...might have to crank up that roadside bread stall :) looking forward to hearing about it after you attend x

    1. I understand Jane, I look forward to sharing the stories. xx