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Taking Stock

Hello! How's tricks?  It's been a while between drinks.   Because I don't know where to begin, I'm borrowing Pip's Taking Stock idea.   It's such a good one.  With unrelated photos. Are you ready? 

Making : A book - it's a lot of work!  
Cooking : Cakes, so many cakes
Drinking : cups of strong milky tea 
Reading: Wuthering Heights 
Wanting: Some more snow 
Playing: The Kick Inside 
Deciding: On Christmas plans 
Wishing: For more marmalade 
Enjoying: All the eggs our chickens are laying
Waiting: For my summer seeds to arrive in the mail - this will be the year of the bean
Liking: Where I am right now
Wondering: How Elsa is growing up so fast
Loving: Our new dog Patch 
Pondering: How to keep him away from the chickens 
Considering: A bigger fence
Watching: Outlanders  with big tartan skirts. 
Hoping: For a happy ending 
Marvelling: At our impending 10 year wedding anniversary 
Needing: Nothing made of tin
Smelling: Daffodils 
Wearing: Gum boots 
Following: This story of Shaun the sheep
Noticing: The changing seasons
Knowing: I have to hang out the laundry 
Thinking: About all the good things happening in September 
Admiring: Amanda's dreamy late summer garden 
Sorting: Through hundreds of photos 
Buying: Vintage kitchen props as always 
Getting: A new shelf to store them all on 
Bookmarking: Hob nob biscuit recipes 
Disliking: Plastic 
Opening: The windows to let in fresh air 
Giggling: At Nation Building on Utopia 
Feeling: Like a walk because I've been... 
Snacking: On too many hob nobs 
Coveting: A trip to Camp Wandawega 
Helping: Hugo learn to read 
Hearing: Him read aloud.

Looking: At the weather forecast  

What's been happening in your world? 


  1. That blossom photo is absolutely stunning...

    1. Thank you Joolz, it's showy almond blossom, always the first to arrive!

  2. Tin is a hard one isn't it? We settled on a letter box, because we really did need a new one. Looks like spring has arrived in the Huon Valley. I would love a slow walk around your place, and perhaps a handful of hobnobs too. x

    1. A letter box is a great idea, ours is looking a little sad. Come over anytime for hobnobs x

  3. But what about all those fabulous vintage tin baking accessories... surely some more would be appropriate ;)

    1. Of course! Such a great idea! Thanks Anna x

  4. Lovely to see you here your words and photos. Have a great weekend x

    1. Thanks Jane, you have a lovely weekend too xx

  5. A lovey list to catch up on what's been happening.
    How about a vintage biscuit tin or two, I do like those printed with florals or birds. And they'd make good props for your biscuit baking. x

  6. I am glad to find another fan of the album 'The Kick Inside' by Kate Bush, I have had this album since I was seven years old (on vinyl, I am showing my age...) I truly love it, (although I always skip the song 'James and the Cold Gun......).
    I am reading and cooking from two new cookbooks one is 'My Darling Lemon Thyme' by Emma Galloway, so many fantastic recipes I really love her blog, and the other is; 'Community' by Hetty McKinnon who runs the Arthur Street Kitchen in Surry Hills in NSW, its full of amazing salad recipes, and I am going to start Hermon Koch's new book 'Summer House with Swimming Pool' his previous book 'The Dinner' was such a gripping read!
    We are having a wonderful warm spring day here and tomorrow it is going to be the same, I am making the most of it do washing and going for walks and sitting outside with my cat drinking coffee

    1. All this publicity about Kate Bush's concerts have reminded me how great she is, so it's been great to have a listen after all these years. A timeless album. And yes I think Hetty's Cookbook is one of all time favourites. Enjoy the rest of the warm weekend, it sounds lovely!

  7. Mmmm. Cake. The last three or four blog posts I've read on my feed have all featured cake. I do believe you are all trying to tell me something ... now, what could that be?!

  8. i love this. especially patch and then the fence...we have chicken loving dogs too- but not in the "cuddly" way. Always a challenge! Have I told you just how excited i am for your book? because i am! happy sunday dear michelle. xx

  9. Your pictures are amazing and so inspiring.
    Keep up the good work :)