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Perth Writers Festival 2016

Hello! How's your summer?

I thought I'd pop in to let you know that I'm heading to Perth for the Writers Festival in February.  I've never been to Perth so it's pretty cool that not only do I get to finally visit but I also get to chat with bookish foodie types.

I'll be taking part in three sessions, talking about some of my favourite things like food, dreaming, and cosiness with people that I love an admire such as Pip Lincolne, ace blogger and crafty type: Anna Jones, chef, writer and food stylist and mate of Jamie Oliver: Sophie Zalokar nearly all of Maggie Beer's books mention Sophie, so I'll be so pleased to meet finally her IRL and Valli Little, legendary food writer and editor.

Here's the details of the three sessions.

Dare to Dream Saturday 20 Feb 10am 
With Sophie Zalokar and Alice Zaslavsky we'll be discussing turning your food dreams into a reality.

Book Here

Eating With The Eyes Saturday 20 Feb 1pm
I'll be joining food stylists Anna Jones and Valli Little for this one.

The old adage that we eat with our eyes couldn't be more relevant given that, our first response when a dish is served is often to whip out a smartphone, photograph the meal and share it online.  

How does the presentation of our food affect our enjoyment of it?  

Book Here

Hygge Sunday 21 Feb 1pm
I am so excited that I get to chat with my pal Pip Lincolne about our recipe for happiness! (But first I better learn how to pronounce Hygge!)

The Danish word 'hygge' is usually translated into English as 'social cosiness' or "wellbeing'

It's a way of life rooted in togetherness and appreciating life's joys, and it's one of the reasons the people of Denmark are some of the happiest in the world.  Should Australians take a leaf out of the Dane's book? 

Book Here 

If you're around come and say hello! And let me know, do you think it will be too hot for gumboots?


  1. Oh, this sounds like so much fun Michelle x

  2. I have a ticket to see you & Pip in the Sunday! I'm so flipping excited! I wish I could go to more sessions but this was the only one I could get to so I'm super happy you guys are together.

    And just a heads up, February is usually our hottest month & we are all limp & weary from months & months of sweltering heat. I'm going to say leave the gumboots at home but you never know, Perth may just throw a weather curveball just for you ;)

    P.S I hope you & Pip are prepared for me to just stand there like a fool with. Huge grin on my face unable to say a word x

  3. Ooh! If I ever went to a writers festival, I'd be a total fan boy! Get me the line up so I can pull books out of storage and bring them down to get autographed!