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No More Cats

It's quiet here.

Like an abandoned village. Or a remote windswept paddock that nobody visits. But I don't mind. That's why I like it.

It's calm and soothing, away from the noise and distraction.

So here I shall be, clearing my thoughts. Writing some words that I might use later. Or perhaps not.
That's really not the point. It's somewhere to keep track of my thoughts, the words and ideas, that really are feeling a little smothered of late.

Too much work, too much noise. Too many other pretty things to look at.

My words feel smothered and weak. I try to get them up and moving about. Set them free.
C'mon! Let's go out words, stretch our legs, write some words I say.  But my writing muscle feels feeble and weak.  "No, not today"  that writing muscle tells me, "let's scroll Facebook for cats instead"

"Okay! Yes let's do that!"  I usually say. But it won't do. Not any more. I need to get going. Move around, play with words. I love it when my brain is full of words just wanting to get out. But now my brain is full of mush and pictures of cats.  How can I write anything with a brain full of mush and stupid cat memes?

So here I will be writing to you, anybody? Trying to write a little bit more so I can get going again.  I'll find those words, grow them, nurture them, and pull them into line.

Maybe I'll press the publish button. Or maybe I'll press the save button, and keep these little thoughts filed away as drafts.  Like a savings account. For words I like.


  1. I love your to read your words Michelle...Oh and I am more of a dog person too! For these reasons I too concur no more cats for you, especially if it means we will get more words. I have been there in the creatively smothered place, gasping for air to breathe that means more freedom to cook, write and play as I like - without the constraints of recipe precision, publishing deadlines, event and book promotion and ultimately sales! Sales...............!!!!!!!! (I digress!) So I'm cheering you on from my desk, with the sound of the neighbourhood birds and the occasional lawn mower as my background noise, I say - Go fill the bank with words and here's me hoping you'll find the courage to press publish and let us share where your words take you x much love

  2. i loo forward to your words, they inspire me to find my own

  3. Yay! A word I use too often, but there it is. Joy, anticipation and excitement... All in one word. I'm sure you'll be more eloquent!

  4. Ditch the cats Michelle! I love your words and I always feel excited when your blog pops up in my feed. I am not kidding, I have got a batch of your cinnamon crackle biscuits in the oven right now, they are so good and it is such a reliable recipe. Loved hearing your voice on the My Open Kitchen podcast, how good are those podcasts? Take care x

  5. Its hard to come back to blogging after a break. You write extremely well. Press publish every time!!!

  6. Your blog is one of my favourites as well, and I don't mind if there are big gaps between posts. :)

  7. Please start writing and posting again. I am thrilled to have discovered your blog a while back and miss your writing. Thank you ever so much for your thoughts and for hitting the publish button.

  8. Funny Michelle, as I bounced over here because I'm procrastinating and wondering where all my words have gone too. I thought about scrolling FB, didn't look up any cats, and really just need to put pen to paper and find some words again. Thanks for the prompt. x