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Pickling workshop at Fat Pig Farm

I'm super excited to announce that I'll be taking part in a mini workshop at Fat Pig Farm this month.

We're trailing a new evening workshop mainly because the farm looks so beautiful in that glowing twilight, it's breathtaking.  Add to that a market garden overflowing with produce and it really is a going to be a delicious evening.  
Here's a brief rundown of we'll be doing:

We’ll start with a garden tour and pick the best of the summer produce then return to the kitchen to chop, slice, pickle and preserve the harvest. We’ll cover sterilising, storing and pickling techniques and you’ll take home a couple of jars to enjoy. The focus will be on vegetables, so think cucumbers, zucchini, beans and greens, and we'll show you some great ways to flavour your pickles and use up your excess produce.  The class will finish off with a glass of wine (or two) and dinner at the farmhouse table. 
If the weather is nice we'll eat outdoors in the warm summer air. 

I can't wait and I hope you can make it! 

The date is February 15 from 5pm - 9pm, click here to book