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Ten things on my summer to-do list, in autumn


I wrote this list in January, and meant to post it back then but totally got distracted. So here it is now, ten things to do this summer. Except it's already autumn, so it's my summer to-do list, in autumn.

As it's now (already) March, I have updated the list with what's been done and still to do in red. I'm afraid this summer, I haven't kept up with my to-do list at all.

But the sun is still shining, and the first two weeks of March really are the best weather all year, so there's still time to pack a picnic, book a campground and walk along the beach.  But I better hurry!  With daylight savings ending in a couple of weeks, I really need to get my skates on if I'm going to complete this list.

1. Go camping. I entirely missed camping at all last year, due to a busy work schedule. I'm hoping for a chance to head to Bruny for a quick weekend beachside camp for a night or two under canvas. Still haven't actioned this. SAD! I might go camping in a nearby paddock by the river instead. 

2. Eat as many peaches, apricots and nectarines as possible, preferably over the sink to catch any juices. I can tick this one off. Still doing this - ongoing 

3. Walk along a deserted beach, this one is so easy in Tasmania, they're pretty much always deserted. And nothing blows away the cobwebs and recharges the batteries like a long walk along a windswept beach.  Still to do, status: outstanding.

4. Make a lot of jam. Not sure why I even do this with a pantry groaning with jam as it is. But still, I get a bit twitchy with all this fruit around if I don't make any jam. Completed. 32 news jars of jam in the pantry to date. Yet to start on quinces, pears, apples and blackberries. 

5. Plunge into the sea. We've been swimming in the cool dark tannin stained waters of the Huon River this summer, but the turquoise water of the ocean still calls.  Have not even made it to the beach once this summer. Need to action this! URGENT! 

6. Eat outside whenever possible. Tick, on track with this one. With two outdoor tables we are doing this nearly every night and weekends, despite battling the March flies and mozzies, but it's worth it.

7. Drive to the East Coast to admire the incredible coastline and stop off at my favourite wineries. Yes, I've done this! Completed. 

8.  Drive to Hartz Mountain to escape the heat and hike to the top of the world. Still to do. Possibly reschedule to winter list.

9. Drag out the kayaks, and paddle down the Huon River. Done! Most weekends. 

10.  Pack a basket and go on plenty of picnics. Sadly have not been on nearly enough picnics. Perhaps this weekend.

What about you? Tell me, did you make the most of this summer?


  1. Love this list and where you've managed to get up to. I'm looking at a hectic study schedule at the moment and trying to carve out time for the garden and a weekend away in Autumn.

    1. Thanks Kate! Autumn is such a great time to be in the garden. I'm spending a fair bit of time there myself. I hope you find some time for weekend away. x

  2. I don't feel like we made the most of summer this year. It feels like this summer we spent the least amount of time swimming since we moved here 10 years ago. I'm not too bummed though because it's almost meant I've spent the least amount of time composing about the heat too!
    I would love to see your jam shelves. We don't eat much jam but I still make it & I feel happy every time I do.
    Summer has been weird over here. It's still in the mid 30's each day so last weekend we went for a float in the ocean. I spent my whole life living by the beach but rarely get there now I live by the hills. Every time I do though I feel like my soul is revived. I'm hoping for one more float before autumn is here good & proper.

    1. Maybe you're finally acclimatising to Perth and don't need to swim so often! Making jam makes me happy too, that's why I do it! There's something so reassuring about seeing those lovely jewels on the shelf. I hope you get one more float before autumn. xxx

  3. Oh the times rushes by so quickly doesn't it Michelle? Can it really be March. Your list is lovely, kayaking is always time well spent, I find! As a family we are heading to Flinders Island in April...a summer holiday in autumn? Have you been to Flinders Island I wonder? Happy Sunday x

  4. This year is certainly speeding by. You've been to Flinders before have't you? I have never been but would love to go, it looks amazing! xx

    1. You have got a good memory Michelle, we went to King Island a few years ago. It was such a special experience that we decided to try another island!

  5. I was having an Autumn Equinox read of your book Michelle..and was reminded of this blog! Yippee..lovely,I shall drop in from time to time. Summer was all very fine, but I'm happy I have celebrated today's Equinox,and look foward to all that Autumn brings.
    Love Janet

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