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* UPDATE:  Sadly my book is out of print....augh!  It's not looking likely to be reprinted so I'm sorry to say it's only available as an ebook.  If you find a copy you should snap it up and sell it on eBay for big bucks! *

In my 2015 my book A Table In the Orchard was released.  Here's what the publisher Random House have to say...

In the tradition of life-changing memoirs like Salvation Creek, a food-obsessed former city slicker creates her own slice of heaven in a rambling old country house on the Apple Isle.  

We've been there and done that with slow cooking gurus, celebrity cooks, master chefs and more than a few tree change books, and there are many pretty lifestyle books and blogs out there, but nothing is as instantly lipsmackingly appealing as Michelle Crawford's personal slice of heaven in Tasmania.  

Organising cocktail parties at the Opera House and drinking French champagne sounds perfectly glamorous, and for a long time it was for Michelle. But after the birth of her daughter, Elsa, the glamour started to fade and she developed a yearning for country life that could no longer be ignored. She wanted to grow her own food and, even better, learn how to cook it. She dreamed of wearing gum boots every day and creating a country childhood for her daughter - an Enid Blyton childhood filled with outdoor adventures, good things to eat and lashings of ginger beer. Just a glimpse at her hugoandelsa blog shows how she has made that dream a reality and her knack for finding beauty in the simple things of life. She inspires us to think maybe we could conjure some of the daily magic she performs so effortlessly while enjoying her better than good life in a rambling old farmhouse in the Huon Valley in Tasmania.  

Add glorious colour images and the sorts of recipes that have made Michelle's blog so popular and you have a beautiful colour book to treasure that reminds us all about how seductive a little bit of slow living might be.  

Thanks to Michelle, you can but dream from the safety of our armchairs- especially about the oodles of homemade cake - but in the meantime her story may help you take some baby steps and be inspired to make your own jam or hot crumpets . . . or maybe move to Tasmania. 

You can pick up copy at all good bookshops, or online try here 


  1. I have recently finished reading your fabulous book and I can honestly say I am now dreaming of life in Tasmania! From the Northern Rivers in N.S.W the climate alone is enough but your lifestyle is just something worth has become a goal. I can't wait for my own rural slice of farmy home made life! A huge thanks and congratulations for such a wonderful book and all your fabulous recipes.

    1. Thank you so much Asa-Marie for your lovely words. It's so kind of you to say so! I hope you find your slice of rural homemade life soon! All the best xxx

  2. Oh! I´m from Argentina and I love your work! amazing, simple, beautiful <3

  3. I very reluctantly finished 'A Table in the Orchard' last night. I just wanted to keep on reading it forever, every beautifully written page brought me joy. Hopefully it won't be too long until my little family can be living a similar rural lifestyle, albeit in SE Queensland. Thank you for sharing your story, Michelle.

  4. I am sorry to hear that your book is not being reprinted at this stage. I was like a dog with a bone and am pleased to say that only a couple of months ago I managed to track a copy down through the Australian National University coop bookshop! It is a delight to read and I won't be giving my copy up! :)

  5. I've just finished reading A Table In The Orchard that I borrowed from the library. And I'm tempted to report it as 'lost' now that I learn it's out of print! As another devoted cook and eater, your book really strikes a chord in my rumbling belly. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories of living the simpler life, Michelle.

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