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Felt fun

Last day of school holidays today, sigh. It's been so relaxed and warm and fun. I didn't get nearly half way through my planned activities for the little ones, like collect shells from the beach, a bush walk and paint the fence.

I had also stocked up on craft supplies for the holidays from a gorgeous tiny new Hobart store called Lyrebird, they specialize in Waldorf inspired toys, crafts and unicycles(!).

So with our beautiful Lyrebird wool we tried felting today as per Amanda's lovely book. I was hoping to make some eggs for the nest we found that's displayed on our Spring nature table.

A bowl of hot soapy water and roll the wool into shapes - too easy. Although I'm glad Amanda cautioned that it's about the process rather than the product, but we did manage a few eggies of sorts. Lots of splashing and lots of fun.


  1. i am sooooo with you about spring. not a moment too soon. love the felting! when are you going to post some pics of your house? i wanna see! ...will email you soon. hope all's well. Kxx

  2. looks like fun,
    you could make some beads too.

  3. you guys have a fabulous time together...can't wait to try felting with the wee men. Ness xx

  4. This look like fun. I still haven't got that book (my bad). We might have to have a crack at this!