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Garden of Eatin'

Ahh spring, time to get outdoors and into the garden. Now I've long been enamored with the thought of a bountiful kitchen garden, and when we moved in to our home, almost a year ago now, we were delighted to find the overgrown remnants of a once productive vegetable garden. But the weeds and grass was so thick, with stalks the size of leeks, that it took close to six months of hard slog to yank out those intruders. But clear it I did, I even carefully laid neat brick paths between the beds, making use of the piles of bricks around the yard. Garden restored, we grew a bountiful crop of beets, kale, peas and even some tomatoes.

All was going along just fine until the septic tank needed pumping. We had assumed the tank was buried under a lumpy patch of continually green grass on the other side of the house. But no, on arrival, the septic pump man walked straight to where he knew the tank was.  Right under my brick path in the vegetable garden. He ripped up the bricks and sucked up all manner of unspeakable horrors into his truck and drove off. Now, I've nothing against poo in the vegetable garden per se, just not our own. That's taking recycling a few steps further than I'm willing to take.

So I despondently replaced the bricks on the path and pretty much walked away from the garden. It's just too close for comfort having a vegetable patch on top of the septic tank.  You risk contaminating your soil from untreated sewage seepage.  There's a lovely thought.

Since then we've been searching for a permanent spot for mark two. But even with close to an acre of yard to choose from, most spots aren't suitable - too shady, too rocky, too close to big trees. But last night I found this via here and was all inspired! Of course the front lawn! North facing, flat, all day sun, perfecto!

 "No way, not the front lawn!" was the response from the Mister, dreaming of future cricket matches and rugby tackles with his son. Sigh, I need to come up with a persuasive case. My dreams of a Gertrude Jekyll/Edna Walling meets Jamie Oliver at Home style garden is still a few years away yet.

Meanwhile Hugo has been helping load up the trailer with all the wild weeds taking over again, seems you clear a patch, take them away, and a new lot have grown to replace them by the time you get back.

This gardening caper, it's slow work but we''ll get there...


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