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About a boy

I received a letter from our school of choice today saying Hugo has been accepted into a class beginning 2010. So while I was delighted at the news, I was also so sad that soon enough my little one will be starting school.

He's changing so much every day he really does seem to grow overnight. I love watching his personality emerge, his funny screwed up faces, his contented play and constant singing. When I started this blog Hugo couldn't walk or talk, and almost one year later, I can hardly keep up with him.

Slow down little one, don't fly away too soon.


  1. Crazy how quickly they grow up. It's not fair.

  2. oh wow... school for 2009??? No that's not right, surely....but sounds like you are settled on steiner? oooh pls let me know....we are just back from a week in the big smoke so trying to detox although we did have great fun. love yr omelette........and have a billion questions about asparagus growing thank christ i;ve found you are growing. miss you. Kxx

  3. yes, please let us know what schooling system he will be in...

  4. It happens so quickly...I just had another one start school this year. I bet he loves it though - he looks adventurous.