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Here's tae us of the Glen

I love our village's community hall. It's a simple weatherboard building built, I guess, between the wars. The walls in the supper room, with its cosy open fire, are lined with faded black and white photos of cricket teams from the 1930s and 40s. Along with the obligatory photo of a young Her Maj, in her post coronation glory. Polished floorboards, big old windows and beautiful utilitarian lampshades, I find the building's simple, informal country aesthetic so honest.

The hall was awash with tartan last night for a ceilidh (pronounced kaylee), a Scottish country dance. Not to be confused with Highland dancing, this is danced in groups of two, three or four couples, facing each other in lines or squares. And being held at a family friendly hour of 5.30, all the bairns had a chance to reel around the hall. Very special.


  1. that looks like so much fun! is that your hubby in the kilt with the great legs?!

  2. How wonderful. It seems so dreamy.