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The Secret

The first time I heard of The Secret was when these guys did a parody. I haven't read the book, bought the DVD, signed up for any Secret Scrolls or really know that much about it.

But unwittingly I seem to have cracked The Secret - it really works.

You see, I put it out there that I wanted a holiday. Then we bought Hugo a ukulele. The Universe listened. Poof! Aloha! Next thing I know, my husband walks in the door telling me that he's WON a trip to Hawaii. Hooray!

Sound too good to be true? Well, there are a few catches, most importantly, the children aren't invited...(maybe I shoulda signed up for those Secret Scrolls to glean a few instructions....) I'm feeling quite anxious about leaving the children, even though they'll be here with their Nonna.

Second catch, my husband won the trip through the company he works for. It's a bit of a corporate love in for colleagues from around the country who will be joining us. There'll be lots of business dinners, and ahem, daily motivational sessions. For both of us. Yay Team...So while we won't be off on any romantic dinners, well, not without the business unit coming along too, I'm so excited to be heading off to a tropical paradise. Next week!

At the very least, the thought of nine and half hours on a plane without interruptions, a swag of magazines and a can of gin & tonic (hey, we're flying Jetstar) is so enough of a holiday for me ...oh bliss....oh happy days...Thank you Universe!

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  1. woohoo! I'm sure you'll make the most of it once you get into the swing of things.
    I'll look forward to seeing a holiday snap or two.

  2. Yogis have a "sankalpa" - a positive affirmation. Repeat it daily, never share what your sankalpa is and it will always be realised. It works, it does, I speak from experience. The secret is a commercial, american, hoo-haa version of a sankalpa. Think positive and the universe will provide - I don't need to see an entire DVD on it. Have fun in Hawaii!

  3. How exciting! Any holiday is a good holiday I think! Have a wonderful time