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Eye Spy what I want for Christmas

A great new meme from Cindy at bug and pop called Eye Spy. This week's theme is What I want for Christmas. I know I should say a happy family, goodwill to all, and of course peace on earth. But today, I'm tired of the sibling squabbles, the house is a mess, the laundry out of control, I have to cook dinner and get ready for the Monday rush. Indulge me won't you, while I take a minute to dream about gifts for me. Mmmm off the top of my head:

Hunter boots, jeans and frock from here

a red holga camera

And from the "not in my lifetime category", a snowy white AGA...

Thank you for your time, and thank you Cindy for hosting a great new game.
Now back to reality.....


  1. I have also been wanting those rain boots! I'm going to settle for a more affordable pair from Target, though. :)

  2. I have those Hunter's! They are great for up here where it always seems to rain.....i wear them with bright pink explorer socks! am so with you on the aga...but I'd like almond, please mr santa, to match my kitchenaid :) Kxx

  3. mmm, i want those things for christmas too!!
    x ashley

  4. I so think that they should of been gifts that were all about you! Definately!

  5. they're all so good. I'll add them to my list too x

  6. Oooh surprise, surprise, that AGA for meme! I've nominated you to continue on the fun 7 Things challenge - would love to know more of the Michelle story! Details are over @ The Hedge.

    No obligation, as I know its a busy time of the year for everybody.
    Millie ^_^