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Late spring blossoms

Quiet times here at chez Hugo and Elsa with a sick little one. A hot westerly is blowin' outside this afternoon so I'm pleased I was out in the garden early this morning to capture these spring blooms.

My mother gave this Princess Mary Rose to me for my birthday last year. It's survived numerous possum attacks to rise triumphantly this summer with three beautiful blooms.

Elsewhere in the garden the parsley has gone to seed. Such pretty flowers.

I don't know what this tree is, but for just a few days in late spring it's awash with these beautiful blossoms. I love it because when we first moved here it was in bloom, so it always reminds me of when we arrived, and the thrill we felt moving into our new home. Happy memories.


  1. Oh what delightful photo's. Looks lovely there..xx

  2. Yes all this wind is going to blow all the roses away, a little sad, yours is a lovely colour. Is that tree a virgilia perhaps? Birds love them.

  3. oh wow what beautiful blooming pictures...please, more of the garden! pls let me know if parsley self sows? and fancy possums eating roses. the buggers. ours escape harm but they are probably 20 yrs old so the thorns are absolutely lethal. may yr mary's bloom and grow too...Kxx