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A slow day

We've all been so busy round here lately. Today was needed to catch our breath. Hugo has been, well, quite frankly, a ratbag. And I feel that he suffers the most when life whirls around him, which is why he behaves so erratically.

Today was a happy day. A slow day. Just me and him. No meetings (I currently find myself on 5 committees!), no long car trips, no swimming lessons or athletics carnivals, not even a trip to the shops. Just some gardening, some baking, some drawing. Lots of tea and cuddles, trying to get our rhythm back. And watching the rain...we need more days like today...


  1. oh how i love slow days. I agree wholeheartedly that every child needs a 'home' day at least one day a week - and so do mumas!

  2. Oh that sounds like such a great day. We all need down time with cuddles and love...
    What a good mummy to recognise this..xx

  3. Sounds like a lovely peaceful day, I know what you mean about getting it back sometimes everything can get so busy and consuming.

  4. It puts everything in perspective to have an at home day,especially on a cool,rainy day....good for the garden, good for snuggling up & chilling out!

  5. I love slow days full of nothing but hanging out with my favourite smalls. They're my favourite days of all.

  6. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for your lovely comment over on my blog regarding etsy pricing. I think that is the best way to go as well :)
    It sounds like you had a wonderful slow day yesterday. I love slow days...not that many of them come along any more!
    I'm pleased I found your blog through your comment. Thank you!
    Amy x.

  7. i think we all need more days of snuggling and hot cups of tea. what a beautiful picture~ i love the gumboots...
    hope you have a splendid week-end full of all of the goodness of that post!
    x ashley

  8. we call these days "small world." i love them.