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Waldorf Spring Fair

We had such a busy day at the Spring Fair at our local Waldorf school. This is the school that Hugo will start in a few years and hopefully Elsa will in the not too distant future (she's on the waiting list). It's such a marvelous day full of gorgeous children's activities. First stop, off to see the gingerbread houses and decorate our own little men and hearts. Then more decorating in the craft room. This time a candle. Next, a visit to the Children's Tent, which is so special. No adults allowed, the children wander through a pick a handmade treasure to take home. I poked the camera through to take a snap though! Doesn't it look a treat?

Waldorf doll clothes made from recycled fabrics

buckets of irises

Hugo decorates a candle

decorating gingerbread

sweet gingerbread town

secret children's business


  1. It was such a lovely day at the fair, even though we arrived later and mostly sat around eating & catching up with friends. I wish we lived a little closer to the school.

  2. looks like a special day...I love the gingerbread town & the line of dollclothes.

  3. Oh i love it. It looks like magic land...

  4. wow, it looks like so much fun! all the beautiful things to see and do. looks like your children enjoyed themselves