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Birthday Party

Big day today. Elsa's sixth birthday party. Lot's of fun with lovely friends, cups of tea and too much sugar. I love birthday parties. I love making the cake, the party bags and organising the games. And I love to watch how the children grow each year and how their tastes in games, food and how they play together changes.
I wish I took better photos though, but wrangling thirteen kidlings is quite taxing on your shooting time!
By far the most popular activity was playing musical instruments - mostly the piano, but the drums and shakers and anything with they could bang a rhythm on really. They really are a musical bunch. The children even improvised the music for Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs which was great fun. But I did learn that perhaps six is too young for only one prize in Pass the Parcel.
I breathe a big sigh of relief knowing that we can now slow down and spend a quiet few days in the lead up to Christmas. Ahhhhhh......


  1. Love those December babies - Woo hoo. Hope she had a fabulous day, what a great job by mum too!

  2. looks like fun! wishing you a very happy christmas:)
    x ashley