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Eye Spy something beginning with J...

This week's fantastic theme from Lauren is easy peasy, because we've been busy with Jars and Jam. Here is my Jam Empire. Nine jars of blackcurrant from the garden, four big jars of apricot and several jars of raspberry jam. I've also been collected preserving Jars, and we picked up this Jazzy orange preserving pan this week for $10! I hope to get cracking on the peaches this week. Thank you Cindy for hosting such a fun game and thanks to Lauren for the old school theme.


  1. Ohh, I have the same fowlers kit & was very excited to find the orange one. We are bottling apricots tonight. Good luck with the peaches, keep your eye out for the #31 or #36 bottles as they are much easier to pack (unless you stew them first, which I sometimes do as the kids prefer them stewed & you fit lots more in each jar).

    The jam looks delicious, there is something very satisfying about opening a jar of your own jam in the midst's of winter.

  2. Okay, do we all have Jars in our houses? I love that orange pan -- I hope to start preserving this year or next, and I would love something that happy!!

    Your jam looks delicious!

  3. Yummo They all look delish.

  4. that orange pot is something to be proud of. it's a beauty! we are in full blown winter here and enjoying blueberry jam. my advice to you is jar as much as possible so you don't run out. we are sadly almost out of applesauce.