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Lunch today

Super easy recipe for these hot days from here.
Open one tin of chickpeas and drain, add half finely dice small red onion, a big handful Italian parsley, juice and zest from one big lemon, (I also threw in some quartered cherry tomatoes) add a big lug of olive oil, mash a bit and stir.
Makes a delicious sandwich.
Serve with tea. Never too hot for a cup.


  1. Super fantastic, that's lunch tomorrow - awesome. I love cheap and cheerful chickpeas. Sadly, Matt's not such a fan! AND I'm with you on the tea front.

  2. Oh I love it. You are so precious with your wholesome yummy ideas. Will be keeping that in mind. Oh and i agree never too hot for tea. My husband thinks i am crazy when i say that...hehe

  3. Yum! Chickpeas! I just love visiting your blog.

  4. Ooooh, yum. I love chickpeas. Just did a Thai pumpkin soup that called for a can of chickpeas. Kids never knew. Yeeha.