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Summer Daze

And so we wrap up the little break between Christmas and New Year. We've had such a lovely quiet time at home. It's been blissful not to race around but just hang out with the family.
The weather has been cold, summer seems to have come and gone. The daze have been filled with eating leftovers, baking treats, reading stories, and afternoon teas in play tents.
In between rainy days, Da has started to build a tree house. A little space to sit and dream. I'm so proud! Those lucky smalls!
Looking forward to summer's arrival any day now, surely, but at least all this rain is doing wonders for our bumper potato crop. Doesn't it look so lush!

We send our love and best wishes to you for a peaceful, healthy, delicious, and happy new year, cheers to all!


  1. hope bright sunny days arrive for you soon!

  2. We were in TAS for Christmas and were happy that we had a few lovely days. My mother's garden is senstaional and I spent most of my time in the raspberries... Happy New Year to you all.

  3. Looks wonderful. Love the tree house, how inspiring, and the vegie patch, and the tea party -dang - all of it. Wonderful.