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Summer Harvest Part 2 - The apple of my pink eye

Here are the first potatoes from our very own garden! Wowee! Check them out. I do get pretty excited about the humble spud, in fact, Tasmania's delicious potatoes were a big motivation, for me anyway, to move here. Upon arrival I knew I'd hit the jackpot when the local greengrocer had eleven different varieties on sale. Eleven! And that's not including washed or unwashed. Sure, sure, the cherries, the berries and the apples are great, but it's the potatoes that rock my world. The little waxy yellow ones to be precise, like these here pink eyes. When freshly dug up, steamed and served with a little butter and salt, they are delicious. Nothing like what you buy in the supermarket.
Sadly potatoes, cooked in any manner apart from chips, are pretty high on the disgusting list according to my children. So I tricked them by using Nigella's recipes for fishcakes from How to Eat. For those who don't know, it has an incredibly helpful chapter on feeding babies and small children. They loved them. But by now I've realised I could crumb and fry anything and my children will eat it.

For the grown ups, it's a meal entirely from our own garden, some eggs, potatoes and garlic, (sadly too dark to photograph). Zero food miles. Sure it's a small step in the scheme of things, but it means we're doing our bit for climate change, one tortilla at a time.


  1. I'm about to start harvesting our pink eyes tomorrow, if they weren't blown out of the ground by today's wind!

    My mainland visitors always comment on the spuds down here, after they work out what those road side signs are for ("What's a pink eye....I didn't want to stop in case it was some weird Tassie dish!")

  2. Love your blog. Just moved on a property and learning many lessons daily.
    Beautiful Blog.

  3. Oh your studs look great and that meal looks delicious...good work on the harvest..xx

  4. i just can't wait to be able to say "zero food miles" too. we are thinking about growing potatoes in a tire stack to take up less space. will you be doing any preserving of your harvests?

  5. Wow 11 different types is super impressive. I love the sound of that.

    I too am a huge fan of that chapter in How to Eat. So many great ideas and easy recipes.

    I am super impressed with your gardening prowess!

  6. They look great - spuds are my all time favourite (are they not everyone's favourite???). They just taste better in colder climates. I watch in complete envy while my little patch doth wither away to dust in the Sydney sun