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6th photo, 6th folder

I've been speechless this week so haven't felt like posting. Instead, I've been spending lot's of time with the children with plenty of those hugs where you squeeze so tight that you seem to breathe them in.
I've been tagged by the lovely Jodi to play this game - open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same.

Like many who play this game, I have stumbled across a photo of a forgotten moment. We were living in another house in the same village I mentioned in the last post. Hugo had arrived and I remember the big shift in my relationship with Elsa. I could no longer spend all my time with her, and quite often she played second fiddle to a difficult baby brother who wasn't always well, to the point of a few hospital admissions. Elsa was so good, and so patient and so helpful. I felt quite a bit guilty really. This photo is of a very special moment, because it's just Elsa and me. Hanging out. Having a tea party. In her sweet little bedroom. Look at her adorable little face. It sure does makes me smile...I can use that right now.

Rather than tag six people - why don't you play along too - see where it takes you. And let me know so I can see where you go.


  1. those are two wonderful smiles!

    It's tricky when you have to start sharing your availability....I felt a fair bit of grief over that when I had my second daughter seven years after the first.
    Now all three get their hugs but I feel like I should be squeezing a few more hugs in.

  2. Lovely picture. I remember feeling it before my second was born, that awful feeling realising that I would be seperated from my firstborn for the first time when I went into hospital. My husband was spent a lot of time with the eldest in the following months which was a good thing for them both.
    I went to my 6th folder....and it only has 3 pictures!

  3. the sadness of this week has been overwhelming - and reflection is foremost in my thoughts. lovely post michelle you have a beautiful way with words - thank you

  4. I'm not really up to posting this week - each day is filled with the after affects of the fires. Today I woke early at 5.30 with the smell of smoke through the house, nothing dangerous to us, just smoke from distant fires. But it was disturbing and made me's a hard time. Simple things are good right now, cooking, chooking, cuddling kids, being together, x ps love the photo

  5. such a sweet photo of a sweet moment!