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Cupcake dance

Another successful Mothers  Market finished and I'm pooped!   Hundreds of cupcakes baked, sold, eaten and enjoyed. 

I love being at the market, it's so gratifying watching people's reactions to cupcakes.... "Oh how gorgeous"....."Aren't they sweet" .... "Ooh I must have some."  They bring a smile to everyone's face. But the ultimate is when a customer does the cupcake dance, which happens after taking a bite, and they feel compelled to dance on the spot, while moaning mouthfuls of mmm...good...ooh... That is super special. 

I spent all my money on the beautiful things from the other stall holders.  Bat cape from lovely Angie, brooch and dress from Sarah,  honey from Yves, a card from Cathy. So many talented people in Tasmania.  All super lovely.  


  1. Yum. Dancing in my mind...

  2. They were soooo good, i did the cup cake dance at home, such a great recipe so light and not too sweet mmm perfect. It was lovely seeing you there : )

  3. Thanks Michelle! We had a lovely tea party at home with our box of yummies on Sunday. Delicious!!! Thanks again - it was a lovely market.

  4. Hi Michelle,

    I'd love it if you could email some photos from the markets address below

    angieandtim at optusnet dot com dot au

    I'd be happy to make Hugo a pair of pants, did you have anything particular in mind?

    I wish my chickens looked half as nice as yours, they are currently molting & looking rather straggly!