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Cupcakes - always magical

I've been a bit lax on the cake posting front lately.  Where's the plenty of cake I ask myself?

To make amends, this week I've been "sperimenting" for the upcoming Mothers Market. Here's a tester I've been working on.  The perfect vanilla bean cupcake.  This one with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting.  With a fruity surprise in the middle.   Yum.

By the way, all my recipes, tips and tricks are from this clever lady.  


  1. where does she get those cup cake holders? Looks yum Michelle

  2. Oh definitely going to try one of those! I was restrained with your cup cakes last time but I might have to get one or two to take home this time : )

  3. Love cupcakes michelle, its all about the topping innit!
    I have had many a dalliance with them & will probably get them on again at the RVL-Hope to see you there!

  4. yum - vanilla bean! delicious. pity we can't share one over a cup of tea!

  5. i think i just drooled....
    :) ashley