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Eye Spy - my favourite colour

I love all colours, especially red, grey, blue and green.  And yellow.  But my best friend is white. White makes every other colour look great.  It's clean it's fresh, it's soothing, it's peaceful and friendly too.  And here is our hallway, finally finished this week in all its glorious white.

When we first saw our place, the agent delighted in telling us about how the previous owner had meticulously sanded back the doors and all the architraves in the hallway by hand.  Then stained the woodwork, in a very formal local court kind a way, mahogany. Such a selling point in his eyes, but I remember thinking, I'll have this hallway painted faster than you can say Antique White USA.  Well, not quite.  It took two years.   Then the walls were painted, ahem, Minced Onion.  I found the paint tin in the shed. Hmmmmm. Minced Onion. It is not my favourite colour.

Now it's finished I love walking through and breathing in the pure, fresh, shiny white.  A clean palette. I think about all the decorating possibilities.  A still life here, a vignette there.  But I'll take my time before adding anything just yet and enjoy the white clutter free ambiance, which is nowhere else in the house. 

And for now it makes a fantastic wheelybug raceway.

Thank you to Superwoman Cindy for hosting Eye Spy, and thanks to Amity ville Boronia for this week's theme.   


  1. White is very pleasing. A blank canvas!
    Unfortunately around our home a blank canvas means just that - 'canvas' waiting for some little artist to tag (or two artists actually!).
    Will need to re-paint in a few years I guess!! hahaaha
    Great post....

  2. Such an inviting fresh space...I love a good entrance hall. I'm with you on the white walls - perfect.

  3. Oh so nice, fresh and clear. White seems so cleansing...xx

  4. Ooh you can't go wrong with white, can you? Fresh, inspiring, and I LOVE LOVE lurve the smell of fresh paint. Such a cute shot.

  5. Good old Antique White USA! A few properties in Sydney contain a lot of Antique White USA thanks to me...

  6. Mmmm. I love those layered white-on-white rooms you see in decor mags. Lucky you! My DH wouldn't have all white when we painted this house. I didn't want a 'colour' so we settled on a vanilla cream.

  7. I know what you mean, we just painted our hallway from red to white, it still is a tiny hall but I love walking through it all fresh and white and it feels so spacious, of it is the opposite of spacious. But I have noticed white is taking over from my beloved green and my house is much airer!

  8. It looks so great, I agree Antique white usa is definitely a winner for me too. So fresh and spacious, cute picture.