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Eye spy - something beautiful in my garden

What a great theme for Cindy's game this week from Beyond Pink and Blue.  There are so many lovely things in the garden right now, but I can't go past my girls. I think chooks really make any garden beautiful.  Remember Jasmine and Mary Jane? Haven't they grown into gorgeous hens?  
And speaking of growing up, here are the other babes, who make their second appearance in Eye Spy.  Poulette and Polly.  Ten week old frizzles, aren't they darling?  

Oh dear, you will let me know if  I'm turning into a crazy old chook lady won't you?


  1. Well being a crazy chook woman (not old though) myself I just love your beautiful chookens. What's not to love?! x

  2. Gorgeous girls. I think frizzles are mad, mad in a good way. I like little silkies and wish I had a couple of good layers. One day...

  3. Your chooks are so cute! Love the chooks. The chooks rock!
    (I wish I had chooks...)