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Eye spy something that makes me happy...

It sure is hard to narrow down one thing for this week's eye spy game. I could be hours uploading photos. There are so many things in this world that make me happy, cake, my garden, chooks, my piano, my camera. But nothing beats my family. They make me truly happy. Especially on Sundays. When we can lie on the bed and wrestle or read books.

Today an old favourite Tin Tin and a cook book. To decide what to have for dinner. Together. We only get to do that on Sundays. Makes me very happy.

Thank you to Cindy for hosting Eye Spy and to Iris and Lily for a great theme.


  1. Here, here for the family! Lovely action shot of your peps. I wonder what you had for dinner?

    I will join in here: I spy a baby monitor with no flashing lights as one tired girl is now fast asleep. Happy and dreaming of her visit to the puppies today. Seeing her face light up when she discovered the 6 bouncing yellow balls of fluff - that made us very happy.

    Re: Sewing Machines
    Sing out if you are looking for a machine - I know some sewing machine people in TAS.

    Other great fabric stores online (Amitie and all the other favourites). Shyster-Light is unfortantely my only store in a 45 minute radius. I am forced to go there, then I have to argue about being overcharged, I hold up the line, get some attitude from people behind me in the line, get my refund but, leave convinced they had screwed me again over the low quality fabric they sell...

  2. Oh gorgeous picture. I bet all those things make you happy, what wonderful things they are and how nice it is that you recognise that. That is great.
    What a lovely

  3. Sounds like truly great Sunday, perhaps we should make every day of the week Sunday - I think.