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words and pictures - little things

The little ones who share my home, they play, they giggle, they shout, they grow.  
I must remember their little things.  
Their little games, their little wonder, their little fun, their little laughter. 
I must write down these little things.  
Must photograph these little things.  
Can't forget these little things.  
Their little toys, their little clothes, their little beds, their little chairs. 
Please stick around, these little things.  
Don't go too soon, these little things.  
Their little ears, their little noses. 
Their little feet, their little toeses. 
Little stories. Little songs.
Little sighs and little tears
Their little hugs.  Their little kisses. 
Ooh I love these little things. 
Very precious little things.
Please stay forever  little things.


  1. Oh such a sweet post. I love all those little things you talk of so warmly here. Very nice..xx

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  3. Michelle-you have great way with words & snaps.

  4. okay so you made me cry for the little things. But it was a lovely little cry, reminding me to savour the little things. what a beautiful post - thanks michelle............loveing

  5. Oh yes, please stay little things.

    A lovely post and photo. xxx

  6. They stay forever your heart.

  7. so very sweet. those little things give a huge amount of joy!

  8. that post was beautiful- especially the pics- hope march is still treating you well:)
    x ashley

  9. There must be something in the air- I wrote a verse yesterday, the first I've written in many years.
    And yes, they do grow fast and you can struggle to remember all the precious 'little' details. But memories return at the oddest of moments and I know my boys quite like when I tell them about quaint or cute little things they did when they were small.

  10. So true, when they're little and gorgeous you just want to stick them in a time capsule and freeze them, even though they get nicer each day. This is a lovely take on this theme, I really identify with it.

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  12. so sweet - makes me wish for little things