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Easter inspirations

I love the thought of adding a few more elements to how our family celebrates Easter. And the idea of an Easter basket filled with little gifts, in addition to the Easter egg hunt, is such a good one that I think we'll adopt it too. Much more fun (for me) than just a trip to the supermarket to buy chocolate eggs. (Um, I'm not talking about the actual eating of the eggs, just the schlep to shop). 

I've been on the hunt for some vintage egg cups to include. After a trip to the local antique store I came home with this booty - all scored for the sum of $20! I couldn't stop at two, they were all so sweet and really, we can never have enough egg cups in our house. A second score today at the Friday oppy, these two little bunnies were waiting for me to take home for $5 - too cute! I've been scouring ebay for weeks trying to find something similar....

Next week there'll be lots of egg decorating and a few hand stitched good things to make.  And two new pairs of winter pyjamas to find.  As the nights get cooler it's the perfect time for a cosy new pair.  I wish I could whip them up myself, but I need a sewing machine and a few lessons first. A goal for next year certainly, so maybe we can add another element to our family's Easter tradition...


  1. Oh the bunnies & egg cups are all beautiful! Great finds. It feels like the stars align sometimes when you find what you were looking for in an op shop.

    If you are already looking for a sewing machine I've found Judy in at Eddy's Sewing Centre really helpful & they offer a free lesson on any machine you buy plus other lessons throughout the year. I got a basic Janome on sale there a while ago & it is a good first machine as it was not that expensive and makes buttonholes & the like easy.

    PJ pants are great for learning to sew...I like to use soft flannel sheets from the oppy, cheap enough to make as many mistakes as you like!

  2. ooh, I like both those photos. Plenty of lovely finds....those bunnies are especially nice.
    Isn't it nice to start planning for some warm snuggly things to settle in.

  3. Great finds! Well done.

    Excellent to hear you are thinking of getting a sewing machine. Like Angie, I have a Janome and its basic and about 20 years old. I love it (most of the time...)

  4. Awesome find. I love the egg cups and the bunnies are a double bonus.