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Eye Spy - a work in progress

Despite being my choice of theme for this week's Eye Spy meme it was difficult to chose what Work in Progress to post.  My house? Seen it already.  My knitting project? Gawd no! .... I guess it has to be my garden.  

It's certainly a work in progress. And a slow one at that.  I sometimes get so impatient at how long things take.  Not in so much as how long the trees take to grow, but waiting for things to take shape.  Waiting for the time and money for landscaping, stump grinding, laying paving, building retaining walls and raised beds.  I have a vision and it's frustrating when it's not realised straight away. 

But this week, I was so inspired by the ABC series Around the Word in 80 Gardens.  Have you seen it?  It's been so lovely to see my garden idol Monty Don on the telly.  Do you know him? You should.  He's just as gorgeous on screen as he is in print.  These two books of his are my gardening bibles.  So inspiring with beautiful prose and pics of Monty striding around his gorgeous garden, in all his hand knitted sweater and gumboot glory, brandishing armfuls of rhubarb...sigh.

But I digress dear reader, the point of mentioning Monty was that this week he visited Dame Elisabeth Murdoch's garden at Cruden Farm. An incredible garden which has taken some 70 odd years to create.

That's when my gardening epiphany struck.  Creating a garden, not matter how small, is a lifetime's work.  And then some.  It will never be finished. The joy is in the actual doing. A garden is a living, breathing, changing beast and will by it's very nature, forever be a work in progress.   And therein dear reader, lies its appeal. 

Thanks to Cindy for hosting Eye Spy and for asking me to pick this weeks theme.


  1. Thanks for this weeks theme Michelle, I was a bit worried at many WIPs around here.

    Ohhh how I know your frustrations at wanting to get things done, things I can envisage in my head but just don't have the time or money to do right now. The best thing I've found is going back through old photos of our place when we just bought it and realising how much we have managed to do!

    I wanted to catch the Cruden Farm episode, I'll have to see if it's online.

  2. Looking forward to seeing some photos of your progress.

  3. Thanks so much for helping out with this weeks theme.
    I love the little patch in the sun here, I can see how you would have such visions - can't wait to see how you go with it.

  4. Your work in progress is super impressive! Mine is just a small project. Lovely theme, thank you x

  5. I know what you mean about your garden being a work in progress and being at times ok with that and at times frusrated! We are/have been building a Japanese insired garden for a couple of years. We had grand plans and we have pulled some of them off, but time and money are always a factor. The plants are growing, but there are still areas that look empty. I'd like to fill them up, but hubby argues that if we just wait, as the plants mature they will fill those gaps. I'm waiting... Still, it would be a bit boring if it was finished I supose! Good luck with your garden!
    PS. Thanks for the theme!

  6. you've really summed it up so well - the garden is an eternal work in progress, but when you get out there you can truly be in the moment. that's what I really love about it.
    We have only just been inspired to do more in our garden which was neglected for a couple of years. And just three weeks of effort have yielded very satisfying results.

  7. Lovely post :) That's how I feel abot my garden too.

  8. a great theme this week - thanks!!
    i wish I had more of a green thumb, i love the idea of having a beautiful garden but sadly dont know too much - i tend to kill most of my plants, not on purpose of course haha

  9. this is just what i need to hear. i have to keep reminding myself of this as i am in my yard and feeling like there is so much to do. i have such a picture in my mind of what i want it to be but it will definitely take time. years of planting and learning.

  10. Isn't the Dame fantastic? And what a garden... it also reminded us that it's the actual doing rather than the getting it done that's important in gardening.