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Knitting wrecks

You know that great website Cake Wrecks?  How about a knitting version?  Here's my sock I started last week.  I thought I was doing okay.  Um. Well sort of.  Although my K1 P1 ribbing is a disgrace, they were taking on a sort of deconstructed sock shape. Considering I'm not accustomed to mouse knitting :: teeny tiny needles, four in fact, used for socks, thus eliminating a seam. 

But ack! Last night, my stitches seemed to have fallen off the third needle and are back on the traditional two.   Oh well, I reckon it's back to the drawing board for this pup ...

Feel free to join in knitting wrecks if you like - I can't be the only yarn challenged blogger out there...  


  1. Well, I have had some hideously deformed knitting projects that have been attempted a abandoned and pulled apart, hidden or binned. You are very brave to share yours, but it doesn't look too bad, maybe not a sock, but something else?

    Guess what else? You are the winner of my give away! :)

    (If you email me your address I will send it really soon!)

  2. wow - i so admire that you can read a pattern for making socks. good for you!!! all i manage is knitting squares. to make blankets. i have dreams of doing something proper but i still cast on so sloppily...i joined ravelry a while back, hoping it would rub off!!!!! nope :)

  3. felt everything that is my tip for knitting wrecks - makes everything alright.............and you can use it on an other crafting project

  4. you know I am crap... your knitting looks perfect in comparison. x

  5. You are lucky you are able to knit, I'm sure with a little bit more time you will be well on your way to lots of winter essentials. I am so unco I can only crochet because it's just the one hook, even then it is questionable too : )

  6. no no i have too many to mention
    i even dream about dropped stitches