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A long day

Since daylight savings ended we've had 4.30am starts to our days. By 9am I'm shattered. Tempers are short. Hugo's Tantrum Index is Very High to Extreme. We're trying to take it easy but there are still too many things to do. At least we finished decorating the eggs we blew earlier in the week, just in the nick of time.

Despite the tiredness, today there were moments that sparkled. Being outside on such a beautiful autumn day did help soothe little tempers.
Elsa made a cape to become super hero "Word Girl" and blew bubbles on the verandah in the shinning afternoon sun. Hugo, otherwise known as "Word Boy" collected wild mushrooms and made a good muddy mess.

Fingers crossed for long sleeps tonight. At least for mama.


  1. good luck with that - whilst I must be the only person in Sydney that loooves winter and the comfort of its darkness. Daylight savings plays havoc with the bed time thing. And they are absolutely shot by bed time......... love ing

  2. Max fell asleep at the table tonight...before dinner.

    I'm not sure why they call it the terrible twos....what I have seen of 3 has been so much more trying!

  3. Arrr. I loath the end of daylight savings. Its take me a while to get out of my funk...

    We have been up early - even the bloomin cat and puppy have been waking early to bother us for breakfast. I dream of a day in bed... x

  4. yes, we've had all sorts of nonsense in our house too. If only I could still function properly after a 5am start, I'd get so much done!

  5. Oh I am wishing you that sleep and know what you mean. Our morning have not been that early...thank god...but we are having late nights and cranky little lady by day...i am with you. Good luck!

  6. Gosh that's early Michelle. I'd be desperately painting the windows with black paint! I hope this phase passes very quickly & your little gentleman starts to let you sleep-in, well at least to dawn.
    Millie ^_^

  7. Loving your eggs - they look beautiful.

    NOT loving the early mornings - yikes! I thought Noah was bad with his 5:30am wake ups - bright and chirpy, terrible and irritating by mid-morning, needy and whiny by afternoon.. What are they thinking?