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This morning (early)

Waiting inside, Easter baskets from us, with new pyjamas, egg cups, chocolate rabbit and and chick egg cozies made by Mama. 
Outside, chocolate eggs found in the nest (inspired by Amber) we made with straw and decorated with flowers. The carrots and grass we left out were all eaten! 
Egg hunt.

Counting out the booty.

Happy Easter!


  1. Oh Michelle, how lovely ...happy easter.
    Your place looks like our home this morning. A whole lot of excitement....xx

  2. Hi Michelle - looks like you are having a lovely Easter! We are all egged out here...but the egg hunt was fun! I love all your little egg cups and cosies x

  3. Happy Easter to you too! Lovely happenings at your house:) and yes, that was the Bilson book "Plenty" on my cupboard - love it!

  4. Glad to hear that the family had a fun easter. How cool an idea was the nest.