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Eye Spy - my morning routine

It's breakfast that gets me out of bed every day to start my morning routine. But sadly, not my own.  It's that little guy next to me who wriggles, squirms and speaks, perhaps accompanied by a rude slap on the face, sometimes a sweet whisper, or sometimes a shout, that he is so hungry, his tummy is rumbling and it's time for breakfast.  I feel lucky if my little Hugo alarm goes off after 6am, usually it's the around the 5.30 mark.    After the smalls' breakfast is under way, I have my first coffee of the day.  Then it's usually a chaotic rush to get out the door on time. But after we return from the morning drop off, it's time for my breakfast.  Hugo's off playing and I like to sit amongst the breakfast dishes and linger over a second coffee and perhaps some toast with jam, maybe a boiled egg.  The morning sun shines in and I eat in peace, whilst reading a library book, a recipe, the mail, or perhaps writing a list for the day.  I sit for sometimes three, maybe, four minutes if I'm very lucky.  It's complete and utter blissful me time.   

Thanks to Cindy for hosting Eye Spy and Angie for this week's great theme. 


  1. Oh I feel tired reading about your morning and remembering my eye lids being pushed open with cries of "I'm hungry mummy" "The sun is up mummy" It wasn't.

  2. the morning time is bliss,
    right now its my puppy that has me up before the sun but i imagine hugo is much nicer to wake up for!
    hope you had a nice week-end,
    x ashley

  3. 3-4 minutes does feel like bliss in amongst the morning chaos. The morning light in your photo looks lovely.

    I totally jinxed myself by saying my kids mostly sleep through the night with both of them in our bed at 4:30 last night!

  4. Bliss. Toast and Coffee. Bliss

    PS - I am dying to see that completed sklight...

  5. Oh I don't know how you get up so early! But your breakfast sounds peaceful and being able to enjoy the morning sunshine must be lovely. I am hopeless in the morning, the alarm goes to snooze that many times I end up running out the door, not such a good morning ritual.

  6. when you're a mum time is precious - but i think i've learned to make four minutes seem like an hour

  7. I love those four minutes as well.
    i also have an ELSA!!!!