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Lately we've been...

Drying our cards and posting them for the kids mail swap...
Making Jack O Lanterns, knowing it's not Halloween but thinking it should be...
Opening a new restaurant called Shoo-shy (shoo shi)... 
and serving our signature dish, green moss soup...

And thinking about what to do with this...

What have you been up to?

P.S.  Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last post! Glad to see so many chocolate lovers out there in blogland ;)


  1. Your green moss soup looks most delicious. Love the twig chopsticks.

  2. i love your new restaurant! another tick for my yearning to move to tasmania as i have never tried moss soup!
    x ashley

  3. I love what you have been doing lately! He he... the soup. And I love the lantern. We have been out planting our squashes/pumpkins so that hopefully we'll be making lanterns in a few months too.

  4. Mmm, that soup!

    We have not been doing much - sickness in the house! Warm puppy on my toes as I type this - lovely.

  5. Looks very productive and creative - happy days :)