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Eye Spy - something in bloom

Cheery Chrysanthemums.  Beautiful blooms for early winter and so very easy to grow.  Words cannot describe just how wonderful it feels to pick an armful of flowers from my own garden:: but amazing comes pretty close. 

Thank you to the hostess with the mostess Cindy and to Fuzzy Dragons for this week's bloomin' theme.

P.S. I am sooo excited that this movie is on tonight, I loved Noel Streatfeild's books as a kid (I was a ballet nerd) especially Ballet Shoes and Curtain Up.  I didn't know any of them had been made into a movie...Yippee!  


  1. Oh they are simply beautiful. Hope you are well lovely lady..xx

  2. These are such a beautiful colour, not the typical yellow or purple, they last for ages too which is lovely for winter! Sometimes I wish I had a garden for flowers but the state of my overgrown herbs suggests it's best I don't.

  3. They made Ballet Shoes into a MOVIE??? I NNNEEEED this NOW!!! :o

  4. I KNOW!!! It's FABULOUS! You do need this now!