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We love dirt

A glorious winter's day today.  The peeps were keen to escape the coop for some good clean fun. Mud and puddles are always first class on our dirt road after rain and today the mud was extra sticky due to heavy tractor traffic. Perfect.

Exploring puddles::
Stomping in mud::
And collecting stray worms off the road to bring home.
Why do worms always appear on the road after the rain?

Winter and me, we're good.


  1. Mud, Mud Glorious Mud, Were-a-slopping in it to. It still "cracks me up" when the kids get their boots stuck and end up standing in sloppy wet socks screaming for help.

  2. Ha, this brings back memories of stomping around in horse corrals in winter. Horses make nice gooey muddy holes to squish in too!
    But you are a way cooler mum than mine was- we would always be in big trouble afterwards for being muddy.

  3. Nothing better than squelchy mud to slide across and stomp on. So mch fun!

  4. What fun Michelle! And to think there are children somewhere in the world who may never experience this - too sad. Thank you for your kind message & well wishes, you are a sweetie.
    Millie ^_^

  5. oh.... i went back to my childhood

  6. Nerdy? Me?
    Worms come to the surface when it rain because they think they are going to drown. They find a dry spot and sometimes get stuck there, like on our patio1

  7. According to Karl Pilkington (on the Ricky Gervais podcasts), worms come out after the rain 'because they hear the sounds (of the rain) and wonder who is knocking.'

    We love mud too but mud has managed to really stain a few 'good' towels this winter...