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To market, to market

Spiced chocolate with quince and vanilla bean cream cheese frosting?

Orange creamcheese cake with orange blossom frosting perhaps?

Golden vanilla filled with dulche de leche and about to be smothered in milk chocolate?

The cupcake menu at the Mothers Market proved so popular we sold out early!  Awright! 

I tried very hard not to spend all my money, truly I did.  But there's so many talented Tasmanians at the market I couldn't resist just a few super lovely things.  I mean, *cough*I have to do my bit and support local artists and crafters don't I?  A lovely purse from clever Mlle La Revolution Des Cache-pots, and toasty wrist warmers from crochet superstar Michelle at two and six. Chatting to gorgeous stall holders, along with delicious food from Mondo Mama, Bree, sigh, meant  all in all, another ace market.

I'll show you my new treasures during the week, but in the meantime, some behind the scenes snaps to share. Taken in my super talented and lovely cupcake partner, Jo's fabulous kitchen.  

Sadly, no leftover cupcakes for me, just truckloads of cuddles from the little ones who missed their mama. Sweet enough for me!


  1. holy cow, those cupcakes look amazing!

  2. Oh Michelle - this really is manna from heaven...

  3. wow they look almost too good to eat .. though I don't think i'd have much trouble if given the chance

  4. you're amazing - so are your cupcakes!

  5. Oh, my! Those cupcakes look fabulous! Now I am just
    Come check out my mama and child vintage apron giveaway! : )

  6. Thanks for the lovely comment Michelle. I must admit a cupcake would be rather nice about now.
    Your purchases sound gorgeous. I guess I'm lucky being stuck behind the coffee machine - less chance to spend the takings!
    Lovely to see you again. Enjoy those snuggles with your babies.

  7. I'd be happy to bake cupcakes with you every weekend. Sigh......

  8. Now I'm really craving a cupcake!

    And it's too late to bake (& they would not be as delicious as yours!)

    We had every intention of fronting for a full round of family cupcakes (I'd get 2 of course, one for the baby & all) on Saturday but our 2 hour working bee at our playgroup ended up going until 4 o'clock!!!!

    Plus the 2 artichoke seedlings I had in the car for you are now forced to continue living through seedling hell (if they make it through the coming months of neglect I'll deliver them in spring!)

  9. The almond chocolate cupcake was the best - voted by my kids. It was good to see you Michelle, keep it up and say Hi to Elsa:The Woodbridge Anna.

  10. Delicious they were ... at least the few crumbs I was allowed to share with the 3 hungry honchos...

    Vanilla vanilla is my fav!

  11. The spiced chocolate with quice were fab ... yes, that's right, were, ... meaning I had more than one - om ah.

  12. Hello hello hello little cupcakes. These look divine. Oh yeah, I could get with these. YUM!

  13. I'm so sad I missed out they look incredible and I bet they tasted even better. Sounds like a great market too, I'd love a pair of wrist warmers! You will definitely have to show and tell.

  14. Oh, yes, all of the above! But do you ship to the US? :)

  15. Wow looks delicious! Can I taste it? :D

    I haven't tried to bake cupcakes. Actually, I love to the problem is I don't know how :(

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