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You've got 30 minutes left guys..

Winter's arrived well and truly and the grim weather, along with a little one with gastro, has kept us indoors for a few days.  It's very cold and the sun hasn't been seen for days.  We're all starting to feel a bit down, a bit bored, with a severe case of cabin fever.  An inspirational visit here and here to read some wise mama words instantly put me in a better frame of mind for winter.  
Yesterday's visit to Hoppo Bumpo's got us baking a huge batch of scones. So good with melted butter and jam. And this morning over at Leah's house, a fab link to no cook play dough the small ones can make themselves. Oh hurrah! 

Funny enough, within minutes of kneading, Elsa was calling out "you've got 30 minutes left guys" and Hugo announced that he was making gnocchi.  
He was making a text book version that would make any nonna proud, certainly Hugo could give Alex Herbert a run for her money in the playdough gnocchi stakes.   Soon they were off, building a kitchen, making stoves out of whatever they could find and cooking their little hearts out in a mystery box challenge.   

The results, strawberry tartlets with beeswax cherries and the gnocchi transformed into lemon biscuits with cherries on the top.  Easily in the top three. Delicious!  

With magic little creatures like this in the house, I think winter's not going to be so bad after all.


  1. Hi Michelle (Bree here from the Mothers Market),

    Love that post. I must admit I was starting to get a touch of the 'what can we do now?' with the drizzly weather. Playdough is always great, and trust me not quite as messy as thinking you can contain paint and a 2 y.o to the lounge room floor on a drop sheet!

    See you on the 19th?

    Bree. x

  2. Just gorgeous - what a lovely read! K

  3. Oh, don't you just miss sunshine? Those of us who get a touch down anyway have really been feeling it.
    Your little Master Chefs are definitely bringing a sunshine into your house though. Mine just came home from school and whipped up some fruit kebabs for himself and his brother.

  4. Anneke dances a jig every time the music starts up for Master Chef - "the only program we watch with any regularity" Love the pink gnocchi.

    By the way have a spare sewing machine gathering dust - really easy to use - would you like it??????

    Perhaps when you are up in Sydney we could linger over a glass and plate at bird fish cow......

  5. For crissakes Michelle dont make one of your cute kids vote each other off in some sort of 'Sophie's Choice' scenario!

    Too much Masterchef influence!

    Smash the tellie!

    Ah, your readers know I'm being ironic I hope?

  6. I have never done the non-cook playdough. I will have to give my little ones a go at it on the week-end, though I don't think ours will be turning out quite so delicious looking!

  7. A lovely post today, thank you! The start of winter can be a real drag. Until we get into the swing of things. Your little ones are so sweet.

  8. Hmmm very interesting, i headed here expecting nothing and there was a similar ring to the post i just wrote. Maybe winter hits us in different ways...heheh
    You are so inspiring and wonderful, life looks completly calm and warm from here. Thanks for sharing...xxxx

  9. All very lovely fair. My young one is mixing up a storm in the kitchen as i write this. This morning she said she wanted to plate up - love it! :)