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Good things about winter :: ice

The smalls run outside bright and early on the frosty mornings to find ice in beautiful frozen patterns.  Our freezer is full of these frozen treasures. 

We've been laying low with the flu. Quite times. 


  1. Stop. Talking. About. The. Cold.

    I am bolting to Sydney winter for 11 days, from Hawaii summer...I am not sure I will survive the trip. Your pics are NOT helping. :p

  2. Ha! ...sorry, still laughing at first comment by muralimanohar... ever asked her what that means? I think it has something to do with sun-worshipping! ;)

    Cold lover here. LOVE your beautiful photos. Absolutely fascinated with your ice formations!
    Love that the kids are exploring their world :)

    Thanks for showing this. K

  3. I love your posts, too! It's so hot here...I can't wait for Autumn...I hope you all are on the mend...Hang in there!

  4. So what made the interesting circles?
    I'm glad you're finding good things about winter. I struggle to see the good in it!!

  5. I love the little ice sculptures. I hope you can still fit the food in the freezer - I can imagine they would get a little addictive.

  6. Our icy wonders never make it to the freezer, they are hunted down by the wee folk and then promptly turned into "glass crystals" with a few whacks from the shovel. The dog is grateful to have the ice removed from her water bowl each morning.....if only I can get them to stop eating the frozen dog-bowl ice crystals!