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Good things about winter :: planning summer gardens

I like drawing my garden, well, my dreams of a garden. Thinking about the colours and mixing vegetables and flowers in the same bed. Bronze fennel, amaranth, coloured silverbeet, sunflowers, yellow daisies and scarlet runner beans. The good thing about winter is that it doesn't matter if my imaginary summer garden never eventuates, on a cold rainy day, it's just lovely to dream...


  1. I like how there is no MUD in that picture, we are surrounded by it at the moment!

    Your cupcakes got a plug on ABC radio yesterday, hope you heard it!

  2. Plenty of mud here too, don't you worry about that!

    Missed the radio - what a shame....

  3. What a beautiful drawing!!

  4. Your dream garden has similar colours to mine. I dream about mass plantings of purple and yellow.