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Good things about winter :: weeding

It's a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a large garden, must be in want of a lot of weeding. And ooh my giddy aunt, do we ever have weeds! I would say at least 99% of my time in the garden is spent weeding. All this rain has meant that previously dry dusty borders are a verdant oasis of lush weeds growing in a bed of sticky mud.

Luckily the rain has meant that weeds are easier to pull. And winter is the best time to get things under control before they seed and the pesky buggers really take off. You know, "one year's seed, seven years' weed."

My lovely Hunter boots are full of holes, so I've been a bit hesitant to attack the weeding without proper footwear. Problem solved this week when Hugo and I went to the local rural supplies store for some sturdy new gumboots. The shelves were almost bare, I guess there's been quite a rush with half the valley underwater, but I did manage to score a pair. And a red pair for Hugo.

I feel much more confident striding around the mud in these robust beauties. A bit like Mr Darcy really.


  1. Fabulous boots! I have a similar pair and I can't wait to wear them again (we're still in Summer here but Autumn is fast approaching).


  2. Hi Michelle-so hearing uyou re: weeding. This year I stuffed our chooks in the veggie garden, Bill Mllison style, to keep things down, which to certain degrees has workde. I have missed out though on getting winter crops in but as time is always against me I am waiting for Springg to start the ball rolling again. Liked your colourful garden plan BTW