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Beautiful Bundy

Twenty five people from my husbands clan descended on this beautiful hotel to celebrate my father in laws' eightieth birthday. A sprawling, largely original 1920's hotel in Bundanoon, a sweet town in New South Wales' Southern Highlands. For the little ones there was...
...plenty of space to run around...
...and walks through the village, catching lizards with lovely aunts.
And for me, this gorgeous Aga, apparently the largest coke fueled stove still operating in the southern hemisphere. The manager was kind enough to let me, an Aga groupie, (sad I know) take a peak and some photos. Taking centre stage in the massive hotel kitchen, it was just gorgeous. I'll spare you the hundreds of photos, but the kitchen was massive and divine, and I could easily imagine the thousands of meals prepared in it over the decades.

I'm nostalgically drawn to the classic Australian country hotel kitchen. My great aunt owned a huge country guest house in South Australia, and I have fond memories of sitting on the kitchen counter eating pink wafer biscuits from a big glass jar as a small child. This kitchen brought back those memories from my childhood. And hopefully this weekend created some new ones for our family.

It's been super busy here at chez Hugo and Elsa these past few weeks, so I'm pleased it's school holidays here and we can have some much needed family down time. If only it would stop bloody raining!


  1. I want that oven SO badly Michelle!
    I agree with the raining, maybe its time to build an Ark? Good for the water tanks though.

  2. Ooooh, that oven. Oooooooooh that OVEN!! I have a combustion oven here, but what I wouldn't give to have one of those!!

  3. Gotta love an Aga - they are just the best. Remind me of growing up in the country. I don't think my great Aunt Daisy's was an actual 'Aga' but, it was the same type of oven. She tought me to cook on that lovely thing.

  4. Just flicking through some of your older posts and I came accross this old beauty. I am on th hunt for a bigger oven and cooktop at the moment and was looking at the aga site today, oh to dream.