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Heavy weight

My favourite bread made at home is using the no-knead method. Without a doubt. The texture is perfectly chewy and the crust perfectly thick, brown and delicious. But despite the ease of the no-knead, it takes a long a time. Because it's time that does all the work for you. A good 24 hours of watching the clock. Making a loaf means that outings and meals need to be timed around the several simple processes involved. And it makes a small loaf, all that effort could be demolished by breakfast and one sandwich packed for lunch.

But the cooking in the preheated cast iron pot is genius. So I'm experimenting using the cooking method with a traditional dough recipe. This hefty loaf took about four hours total. It's not as good as the no-knead, but with a kilo of flour and seeds, as apposed to 300g, this one should last a couple of days. And besides, when I think about it, I actually like kneading. The recipe needs perfecting, and I'll share it when I get it right. But until then, I've got to try and slice it!


  1. That bread looks amazing Michelle! I can almost taste its chewiness from the picture!

  2. Hmmmmm... homemade bread.... it looks good. I like kneading too, I feel like I am getting a workout! :)

  3. I hate kneading Michelle - so this one's for me. What a beauty!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Wow. What an impressive loaf!

    I look forward to you sharing your fine tuned recipe.