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Hope springs eternal

School holidays down our way, and I have to admit I'm having to truly dig deep to find the energy to meet all that motherhood demands. Traveling, a busy market and a nasty bout of the flu has left me feeling exhausted and I'm finding it difficult to find the creativity and patience required to look after two active children.

Thank heavens for blogs and the inspiration I find there. Taking a leaf out of Steve's book, yesterday we headed to Hastings Pool. A gorgeous hours drive south, along meandering roads that wind through small villages and lush green orchards that meet the river's edge. In the much missed spring sunshine, it was so refreshing.
A splash about in the warm water for the little ones, a picnic lunch in the gorgeous grounds and a short walk through the forest were just what the doctor ordered.
On the way back we stopped by the seashore at Dover for afternoon tea, Molly's banana bread. And a quick reconnaissance stop to check out the new pizza place Steve mentioned, which met all of our strict pizza criteria. Can't wait to head back for a weekend lunch.
We're all feeling much better today. Finding a rhythm to our days. And looking forward to some more sunshine, once the fog lifts!

What do you do when you're feeling drained? Where do you turn for inspiration?


  1. Glad you all had a nice day at the pool. Was it cold enough to warm up with fire in the shelter? Not that I'd need an excuse for a fire!
    Were the kids OK with the currajongs? Turn your back & food dissappears as if by magic!

  2. Fabulous images! I realise this is a bit strange but I do about 50 sudokus one after the other and it somehow settles me and I feel balanced again! That or blog-surf! Love your stripy tights too :) K

  3. Sadly, someone else has nabbed the fire. But yes those bold currajongs - there certainly were a few Hitchcockesque moments!

  4. Oh michelle how your days look so beautiful from here, i cannot feel the exhaustion, just the happiness little experiences and fun for your little ones.
    I do hope you get better and hope all is well...xxxx

  5. I think the best thing is to just ride it out. Try not to do too much and rest when you can. Easier said than done sometimes. The pool looks lovely, I hope the outing was a distraction from being sick & that you get better asap, lovely photos xo

  6. wearing stripes and big boots helps!

    and i often say "i just need to walk out my door." that is usually the hardest part but once i do it i find myself saying hello to a neighbor and the kids are finding something interesting to poke. suddenly we are all feeling better and when we get home the girls are usually content to play alone for a while which gives me time to breathe.

  7. Hi Michelle
    Only just noticed you were following my blog and as a result found yours. Any friend of Steve's is a friend of mine!.

  8. Love those stripy leggins with wellington boots. Happy holidays!

  9. Hi Michelle,

    I finally made it over to your side of cyberspace and I am so glad I did! I LOVE you blog. Your photos are inspirational, your cakes looking mouth watering and your days seem filled with happiness and play. I love the stainless steel containers you have out for the picnic. Where did you find them? Meagan.