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wish you were here

We're away for a few days for a big family gathering in the Southern Highlands. Fun times with cousins. Beautiful countryside.
Sunny blue skies.
Be back soon... time for a cupcake stall at the Market this Sunday...

Hugo is showing off his tough pirate pants from Cindy.
Thank you Miss!


  1. Hurrah for Pirate Hugo. Ahoy there, I hope you have lots of fun in them.

  2. I came across your blog because I was googling seedpod boats. I love what you're doing here! What a magical life you are leading.

    I am a children's author living in California. You can find me at and you can email me that way too, under "Contact Me". I'm working on a story entitled "Barefoot Hannah". I am thinking of using seedpod boats in it, but I've never made any.

    Can you please share what type tree, etc. you made your seedpod boats from? The more details on the making, the better. Do you use leaves? What type?

    Thanks so very much. I will return to your site often.

  3. Oooh lovely, will try and pop in for a cupcake. Yum.